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What's Your Motivation?

Sika Henry talks about her 'Why', what matters to her, and how staying goal-oriented can help you keep moving forward.
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Catching up with Sam Long - Texas 70.3

The YO YO YO man discusses how important the mental game is in racing and recaps his 3rd place finish at IRONMAN 70.3 Texas.
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Introducing Sur Immunity

Sur Immunity helps combat the damaging effects training can have on your immune system. We want you to stay healthy so you can keep performing at your best.
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After not being chosen for the US Olympic Team, Mandy Marquardt went on to show her resilient sprit by winning all five of her events at the 2021 Track National Championships.
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Matt Hanson's 'Sniff' Test on Sur Immunity
Professional Triathlete, and Exercise Physiologist, Matt Hanson, dives deep into the science behind Immunity.
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Rowers Headed to Tokyo
Sur's elite Rowers, Charlotte Buck and Brooke Mooney, are headed to the Summer Olympics to represent Team USA in the women's 8+ boat.
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Things that Are Very Hard to Bear Are Sweet to Remember
D3 Multisport mental skills coach, Will Murray, talks about how the best memories and stories come from overcoming setbacks and adversity.
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Running through life
Professional Runner, CJ Albertson, takes us through his transition from college athlete to professional runner in a fun, poetic blog.
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The Mental Edge
Athletes competing at all levels experience setbacks, challenges and failures. In his blog, we invited Performance Coach, Brandon Thielk, to answer some questions about how to face these challenges head on. 
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